A Social Media Network that belongs to you.

Wonderlive is a decentralized application that fosters, connects, and rewards creators for their contents and users for their commitments.


Enter a digital revolution
of social engagement.

While social media apps have become a pillar of the internet experience, a number of pain points have consistently emerged: censorship, demonetization and lack of financial distribution!

Wonderlive envisions a better world, a world in which communities thrive through more intelligent technoglogies, engaging connections, happier and healthier consumption and a fair revenue redistribution to all users of the network (both for creators and engaged users).

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Join the Wonderlive

Sign up for our waitlist to receive bonus tokens and be the first to discover the social network of tomorrow !
Enjoy many benefits such as access to exclusive information, privileged customer service, early access to our social network and private events worldwide with the creators, and the opportunity to earn Wonder tokens.

These tokens will allow you to participate in privileged lives Event with your favorite public content creators, or open and grow your wallet, among other things. Don't wait any longer, join the Wonderlive community now !

A shift to a new
creator economy.

The distribution of value in traditional social media is clearly disadvantageous to its users. Wonderlive has a fundamentally different approach: we believe time is our most valuable asset and that an economy must be formed around where value is more equitably distributed amongst those that create and consume it.

Powerful for creators.
Rewarding for everyone.

Wonderlive is an open social network designed for creators, backed by fans and built on the blockchain.
Wonderlive Event & 1:1

Wonderlive Events allows creators like vous to create events that take the form of live videos. Want to virtually meet instead and hang out in private with your favorite athletes, actors, musicians and Creators? Now you can with 1:1 video calls.

pwerful aipwerful ai
Wonderlive AI

Wonderlive offers a unique experience to creators and users through its advanced AI features: customization, content recommendations and moderation, interactive chatbots, engagement analysis, and real-time interactions.

fan clubfan club
Wonderlive Fan club

Fan Clubs unlock unlimited access to exclusive perks and content produced by your favorite Creators.

pwerful marketplacepwerful marketplace

The marketplace will allow the creation and exchange of physical and digital assets such as merchandising, social tokens and NFT.


Video Live will be taken to the next level with virtual event experiences. There will also be meta quests, virtual goods and much more.


Wonderlive business allows companies to connect directly with content creators to promote their activities on the platform. From customer to creator, no more middleman.

The Wonder, the economic center
of Wonderlive.

The Wonder Tokens (WOND) act as transaction powering in the monetization ecosystem, in addition to providing verifiable, decentralized governance through the blockchain. Besides being used as a mean of transaction, users get the opportunity to receive rewards for their content, loyalty and commitment.


All the services in the application are represented in selected currency - FIAT or crypto and all the transactions are made exclusively in WONDER.


Creators can release Airdrops to the most loyal fans by giving them access to premium merch or unlocking additional exclusive interactions.


Services used. Reward unlocked. Now it’s time to get rewarded for your loyalty. Whether you are showing commitment to your favorite creators, supporting a cause or buying merch or NFTs, you can now earn rewards in a form of tokens.


For 2 years, the Wonderlive team, now consisting of over 35 people, has been working night and day to bring this beautiful project to life! Here is the roadmap that will allow you to immerse yourself in Wonderlive and discover a part of the team as well as the various deadlines that have been achieved or are underway !

Market Research & Opportunity


Total supply
10 B

The token WONDER is designed to transform the creator economy towards more ethics, transparency and fairness for creators and consumers, using Blockchain technology.

12 %
17 %
Ecosystem grant
30 %
Project Development & listing
12 %
17 %
Team / Advisors
11 %


Our founders are supported by A TEAM OF A-PLAYERS. This project brings together marketers, crypto consultants, designers, developers and more.

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asked questions

Wonderlive is an open social network designed for creators, backed by fans and built on the blockchain. Through its various live features, Wonderlive offers engaging experiences by connecting celebrities and fans.
Here are the different features of the application:
- Wonderlive Event: Wonderlive Event allows creators to create events that will take the form of live videos.
- Wonderlive 1; 1: Want to meet your favorite creators and spend time with them in private? It's now possible with 1:1 video calls.
- Wonderlive FanClub: The FanClub is a subscription service that creators will make available to give their fans access to exclusive content.
- Marketplace : Coming SOON - Metaverse : Coming SOON

Besides being used as a mean of transaction, users get opportunity to receive rewards for their content, loyalty and commitment

No. Access to Wonderlive is free and you do not need to buy or hold Wonder tokens to enjoy this alternative universe.
However, if you plan to consume the various features of the application you will need Wonder to pay.

The Wonder allows you to:
- Buy tickets for exclusive events such as music concerts, dance performances, meditation seminars and much more...
- Support other users by donating tokens.
- Request a one-on-one meeting with certified creators.
- Unlock unlimited access to fanclubs and exclusive benefits
- Purchase merchandise and NFTs from the Wonderlive marketplace.

Join our waiting list and be among the first to discover the future social network! Enjoy many benefits such as exclusive information, a high-quality customer service, early access to our social network and private events, and a bonus of tokens.

Get on board and join the movement now !